Monday, October 19, 2015

McCalls 4060 ladie's shorts

I finished these up last week I believe.  My days are running together!  I love this pattern.  I used this same one for boxers last year for my daughter.  You can see those here.

This time I decided to make a ruffle around the leg openings and add a contrasting band to the top.  I also omitted the elastic and used a 1 1/2" ribbon instead.  I followed this tutorial for that part.

This pattern is really long.  Most of the younger girls (and some older ones too) like to wear their bottoms around their hips.  This pattern comes very high on the waist.  I cut off roughly 6" of this pattern.  I say roughly because I cut off about 3" the first time and another 3" for the addition of the contrasting waist band.

These were very simple to make and went together quite nicely even with the additional ruffles and band.

I will definitely make more of these.  These are for my friend, Angie's, daughter.

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