Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More of Robbie's room.

Robbie's old changing table is still in his room, and they've always held 5 of these baskets.  I've kept it in there, because the baskets are great organizers for his small toys like trucks, Legos, and action figures.  But since we are redoing his room, these liners just don't work anymore.  So yesterday I sat down and made some more.  I was surprised at how easy they were.

The picture above is the before, and here is the after:

I chose not to add the tie.  I thought it looked more boyish without.  And this is his changing table/toy organizer:

The 5th basket used to sit on the very top and housed all his baby blankets.  It now sits on the floor and is used as a trash can.

I'll post a tutorial on this soon, because they were super easy to make.  I used the old liners as a pattern.  It is basically one long strip running from one side to the other, then two smaller pieces that attach to the other sides.  I had all 5 done in less than an hour yesterday including cutting the fabric.

Happy Tuesday.


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