Monday, June 18, 2012

More of Robbie's UGA room.

This is the striped panel I made for one of Robbie's windows.  I have one more to do for the other.  I will be posting a tutorial on these once the other is finished.  Basically, I used random sized stripes for the front, then added black out material lining, and added the back lining.  Easy-peasy.  They are just so long!!  It took many back breaking hours to get these puppies put together.  I also recovered his chair.  I have a pillow sham and throw pillow to make, and I'm waiting on a custom print for his wall above the bed.  Then I still have to build his cornice boards for the tops of the treatments.  I'm still playing around with ideas on that though.  And I think that will be it for his room!  woohoo!

Happy Tuesday everyone.


  1. I love those colors! These curtains look really good - what a lot of fabric to have to work with. I am looking forward to the tutorial, did you have all three layers (top, blackout lining, backing lining) sewn together for the curtain rod casing?

  2. Thanks Kim. No I didn't sew them together for the casing, because I had so many colors, I didn't want the thread to show. So I sewed a casing to the black out lining and the lining (together) for the rod. That part is tricky though, and I learned the hard way how to do it properly. lol