Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yo Yo Table Runner

I found this table runner in this book "Home Stuff."  This is the same book I used to make the apron for my aunt and the infamous pillow cases from last year.  Remember those?  I'd link to the post if I could find it!  Oye!  See?  They are still making trouble!

Anyway, there are lots of really cool things to make in the book, and the instructions are very clear.  This would be a great book for every type of sewer from novice to advanced.

 Here is a close up of some of the 25 yo-yos! Yes, 25 of those little suckers.  My poor little fingers had seen better days.  Then they all had to be hand stitched together in rows then hand stitched to the squares!!  This picture was before I pressed the runner, so ignore the wrinkles.

And the back.

I thought I would like the stripes going horizontally, but I think it would have looked better vertically or even on the diagonal.  Oh well, I'll know next time.

I made this for my FIL's fiance' for Christmas.  I think she will like it.

I have a ton of other projects I'm working on at the moment.  I hope to have posts on those soon!

Happy Tuesday!


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