Tuesday, January 29, 2013

UFO Alert!!

This is a dress I've been working on since I forget forever.  I thought I would have it finished by now, but no such flippin luck!! hahaha.  I finally got the tatting finished and attached on front and back.  This is a little white sun dress I made for my little friend, Gracie.  It is a Kathy Dykstra dress from an issue of Sew Beautiful magazine. 

I think my big hold up was those bullions.  Smocked bullions are NOT the same as embroidered ones.  Well, they are kind of the same, but they don't behave the same way.  I could get the little bullions done with few problems, but those big ones took some practice.  A LOT OF PRACTICE!!  I found a tute on Laurie Anderson's blog and some helpful hints from LaSewista.  After reading those two, those bullions were toast!!  I wish I had seen those sooner.

Then I ran out of floche. HA!  It came in yesterday though, and I should have this one completed this week.  In my defense, this has been one of my carpool projects.  You know when you are waiting in carpool to pick up the kids with nothing to do.  Well this is what I've been working on.  I did not do the dress like the original, because, well, it is VERY expensive with all the lace.  So I went with a more simple look.  I wanted to try something on the bottom of the dress, but Gracie's mom always like extra room to let her dresses out to extend the life of them.  So I'll try it on another project.  Like I need another project!! lol

Have a great day!


  1. Oh! It's so beautiful!! I wish I knew how to tat! I also despise making bullions on smocking; I avoid them whenever possible!! ;)

    1. Thank you Jenny Jo. Tatting was actually pretty easy to learn. You should try! I hope I don't see anymore smocked bullions for a while! lol