Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vintage Butterwick 6025

This is a pair of shorts I made for Robbie.  I love Polo shorts for him, because they run very slim and look great.  But mom doesn't like the price tag.  I made these for less than $10 including the zipper.  This pair of shorts really tested my learning ability.  I had many "firsts" with these shorts.

First, matching plaids.  I'll actually post a tute soon on exactly how I got the plaids to match everywhere with the exception of the hem. Bummer I couldn't get those to match!  The plaids here match on the side seams, the front and back seams, the pockets, the side front right behind the pockets, the waistband, and the carriers.  Yes, these all match with the exception of one or two places that no one will ever see.  I was very excited at my plaid matching ability, since I failed so miserably on my last attempt.

Second, a mock fly.  This was scary to me at first, but the instructions were very clear on this pattern, and with only one rip out, it went on seamlessly.

Third, pockets.  I have not done a pair of shorts at all other than boxers, so getting the pockets in these was scary too, but they weren't nearly as difficult as I had imagined.

Fourth, waistband that attaches to an elastic back waist.  Again, I was a little nervous, and I don't like exactly how the band looks.  It is slightly off on my plaid matching horizontally.  I'm pretty sure I know how to fix this on my next attempt.

And Fifth, this pattern called for a (for lack of a better term) tabbed button front close.  I didn't get that tabbed part sewn on correctly and didn't realize it until I had already trimmed the fabric back.  So I just chopped it off completely and opted for a straight front edge.  I will attempt this one again, because I do like the look.

So that's it.  I'll tease you with the matching plaid until my next post on how I did it.  This is the side view.  You can see the side seam matches up, the side front matches up, the pocket matches up and the waist band matches up.  I'm pretty certain that carrier is not that crooked, but now that I see the photo, I'll have to go check it out again!  Good grief! 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm in awe of your plaid-matching abilities!! ;)

    1. Thank you Jenny Jo. It was a tedious process but well worth the effort.