Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Parson's Chair Slipcover

I have done three of these now and working on a fourth.  The first two were much more difficult, since they weren't the typical parson's chair.  This one was pretty easy; although, I still struggle with making that turn where the seat back meats the seat bottom.  I made this one for my friend, Angela, for her hair salon.  The ones she had were light colored and stained with hair color.  We thought this chocolate color wouldn't show the stains as much.  She uses these chairs at the dryer and nail stations.

We'll also get or make a vinyl piece to go over the top for added protection.  I noticed a glaring boo boo when I snapped this picture.  Can you see it?  Grrrr.....  I had originally planned to hem the skirt panels but really liked the look of the serged edges - that's what caused my boo boo.  Angela has a funky vibe in her shop, so I thought it would blend well. She loved it - boo boo and all.

When I have these down pat, I'll post a tute.  I'm not there yet. :)

These are some other pillows I've been working on for customers and thought I'd share.

This fabric just would not press well.  I even used Eileen's press spray.  Some times it just happens no matter how strong your iron is.  Makes me wonder if a gravity feed iron would be better. Hmmmmm.....

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you see something that inspires you.  Feel free to ask questions.

Happy Tuesday!


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