Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hot Bowl Hot Pads

I found these adorable microwavable hot pad bowls here.  There are a ton of free tutorials online for these, and I have made them.  You can see them all in this pic.  Some are made from the free tutes and the others from this pattern.

Let me just say that free tutorials are nice to have (I've done a few myself), but not everything that is free is the best.  This pattern is well worth the $9 I spent.  There are instructions and tips that you won't get in the free tutes.  So bite the bullet and buy the pattern if you want to make these.

I made a lot of these for Christmas gifts as you see above, and I did this set for a wedding gift.  I also have a bread bowl from Home Goods that will go with this set.

I made regular hot pad to go with this set.

And I absolutely love these hot pads.  I have made these for gifts before too, and they are always a hit.  I found the tutorial here.  But I added two pockets to each hot pad in lieu of one.  I have a set of these, and I just like two pockets better.

And these are the hot pad bowls.

Up close.

I keep some of these on hand too for teacher gifts, last minute gifts when I forget a birthday or special occasion or if I really mess up and leave someone off my Christmas list. They are quick and easy to put together and use scraps.  Perfect!

Happy Thursday.


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