Friday, September 11, 2015

Marvel Comic Book Fabric - First Choice Boxers

6 pair of First Choice Boxers using this totally awesome Marvel Comic Book fabric that I found at Hancock's.  I love this fabric so much, I would wear something made from it if I could!

Boxers are a hit for Christmas for all my guy gifts.  I usually find some pretty cool fabric when I'm on the hunt, and this was no exception.  I absolutely had to have this fabric.  I think boys and men would like this fabric.  It's not too juvenile.  I hope all my guys love it as much as I do.

First Choice Boxers is my go to pattern for boxers for guys.  It has a panel in the seat eliminating the seam that can ride and be uncomfortable.  This pattern is not as good for my girls.  I guess our bottoms aren't made for them. LOL  First Choice comes in adult sizes and well as kids sizes, so it's easy to find any size.

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