Monday, December 3, 2018

Santa Hat Purse

I recently made Christmas dresses for "my girls" and I always make matching purses.  Christmas is no different, and I thought a Santa hat would be perfect.  These were so simple to make and I used the scraps from the dresses.  I can't show the dresses yet, because mommy hasn't seen them.

I chose not to make a closure on this one and just allowed it to flop over.  I thought the closure would take away from the look.

This is the view opened.

And the inside.

The focus fabric is red pinwale corduroy.  White fleece is used for the "brim" and a soft red cotton for the lining.  I thought about a bell for the tip of the hat but liked the little white ball better.

I am working on bows to complete the outfit.  I'll post all the details when mommy has seen the dresses.

Have a great Monday!


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