Monday, March 26, 2012

Finished Daygown!

I have finally finished both of my daygowns.  This one is hands down my favorite though.  I absolutely love the tatting.  I am so happy I decided to learn how to tat - even though it took me quite some time to get the yardage required for this particular daygown.  I think the biggest problem I had was getting the collar to line up at the front.  This is the first time I've ever added any type of lace to a collar, so I found it a bit problematic lining it up straight.  I tried to just get the tatting to kiss right at the center, and it did right until I rinsed it and dried it.  My tatting shrunk just slightly but enough to have a small gap and really point out that it is just a smidge off center.  It also shrunk down the front.  I used a little steam in my iron to stretch it back out a little.

Here are some other views.

And I added this pretty embroidery to the bottom hemline on the back.  In fact, all the embroidery on this little gown came from Jeannie's book.

Oh, and remember the pintucks?  Here is the comparison with my machine Pintuck foot and hand tucks.

The white has the machine tucks, and the blue has the hand tucks.  I like them both for different reasons, but I'm really leaning towards the machine tucks.  I still want to get an edge foot and try it.  The white gown was made with Moda cotton, and the blue is a cotton batiste.  I like the batiste much better, since it's much softer and lighter.  The Moda cotton would be okay in the winter, since it's a little heavier weight.  It is really tough to find soft fabric for babies in my neck of the woods.  Both of these were made using The Old Fashioned Baby - Baby Layette Pattern.

I am finishing up my Go Fish quilt and have started another dress for my little friend, Gracie.  I found a gorgeous fabric and decided I needed to make a cute little dress with it.  It is full of strawberries, and I found some really sweet strawberry buttons for it too.  I have a strawberry smocking plate, but I don't like it for this dress, so I'll have to find another.  If you come across one, please let me know.



  1. Angela - These turned out beautifully! Exquisite hand work and stitching too - Your tatting is gorgeous. How did you find the cotton batiste to embroider on? I have never tried it.
    I love the colors of both of them - It would be impossible to choose a favorite!

    1. Thank you Kim. I learned a new stitch (feather) and I love it! The batiste was very easy to embroider. I just used a much smaller needle and one or two threads. I think it was a #9 Milliners. Normally, I use Chenille needles. It was tough getting that little needle threaded! :) The Moda cotton was easy too but much harder to trace the pattern onto the fabric. It was thicker, and I don't have a light box. It definitely would have come in handy.

  2. I was just reading your post when I received your comment - small world! These are lovely. I started this type of sewing over 40 years ago and smocking 30 years ago - and how could I be that old? It seems there aren't that many of us who do this so I was happy to find your blog. From the pictures I've seen here, you do beautiful work. I love the little gowns!

    1. Mary, I know what you mean. I've been smocking for 20 years - ouch! I'm very happy to know that you do as well. You are right, there aren't many of us any more. It's hard to find people to discuss it with. I'm glad to know you are out there. I'll pop back over to your blog to follow. It'll be nice to have a fellow smocker to know.