Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pintuck update.

I am making another day gown.  This time I thought I'd try my new Viking 5 groove Pintuck presser foot.  the blue one on the right is the day gown I made a few months ago, and the white one on the left is the new one.  The blue gown has manual tucks, i.e. pressed then stitched on the machine.  The white gown has machine tucks.

Even with the foot, it was hard to keep the tucks straight.  To help with that, I decided it best to first press the folds for the tucks.  In doing so, I was able to keep the fold right on top of the notch in that little piece that sits next to the feed dogs.  You can see it below.  In addition, it gave me a deeper looking tuck.

 I don't know which I like best at this point though.  I think I'd still like to try it with an edge foot.  It kind of defeats the purpose of having a "pintuck" foot if you still have to press the folds first.

Here is the blue one:

And the white:

I hope to be finished with the white one this week in between painting my house!  I decided it was time to touch up the walls and trim.  The walls were a breeze; the trim - not so much.

So which do you like?  I still can't decide especially since the new presser foot really didn't do what I had expected.



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