Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Mask Tutorial - Part 1 - Updated!

Because Robbie's mask is made from Burlap, I decided it best to make a lining for the mask.  This is the tutorial for the lining part.  The next installment will be on the Burlap portion.

The first thing to do is determine how large you need the mask.  I took an oval shaped bowl and put it up to the front of Robbie's face.  It covered his whole face, so I knew it would work with some tweaking.

I then took the bowl and placed it face down on tracing paper.  Tracing paper is important, because you have to see through it.  Tissue paper would work too.

You will want to trace almost half of the bowl like this.

And it should look like this when finished.  I actually folded mine in half at the very top mark.

Now flip it over and trace the mark on the other side of the paper.  Because it's sheer, it will show through.  It should look like this.

Now right where the fold is measure up 2 inches and make a mark like so.

Draw a line from your circle up to that point.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  I just wanted extra room up top.  It should look like this.

Now fold it again in half and flip it over to trace it onto the other side.

Now open it back up, and it will look like this.

Now cut out your pattern.  Just cut it across the bottom.  Then pin it to your fabric to cut out.

Cut 3 of these out of your fabric.  Pin two pieces together from point to end and stitch like this.  This is opened up to you can see.

Now take your third piece and pin it to the edges of these pieces like this.

This is a shot from the top at the point.  See the previous seam allowance?

Then stitch.

Robbie wanted to the soft part on the inside, so I stitched this with the wrong side out.  And I put my seam allowances on the outside to give me something to stitch the burlap to.

This is what it looks like.  The eye holes are cut and a small slit for the mouth and nose.  I let him try it on and tweaked the fit where needed.

There you have it.  A lining for your mask!  Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to email me any questions.


P.S. I forgot the most important part!!!  Make sure you cut a slit up the back so it will fit over the head!   Good grief, how did I forget that??  I actually just removed the stitches about 3-4 inches up in the seam allowance.  I used white thread, so you can see the little stragglers left.

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  1. That is going to be a great mask - very scary! It looks much more comfortable with the soft lining. Thanks for the tutorial - I'm looking forward to seeing the burlap tutorial.