Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Scarf

I found the tutorial for this scarf on Pinterest.  Isn't Pinterest addicting??  Here is the link.  Look around while you are there.  She has other cute scarf tutes too!

My niece up north is getting to that age where it's hard to know what to give her.  I thought this would be the perfect gift since it can get super cold there.  I found this flannel here. My niece's favorite color is orange, but I couldn't find that color in any pattern I liked. :(

Here is Robbie being a jewel and modeling it for me.

He really didn't want to, but he was a little trooper.  It's a little big on him.

The pattern calls for the length to be 60", and I decided to go 75".  I've made scarves before from an Amy Butler pattern that were 90".  I was afraid the 60" would be too short.  I think too long is better than too short in a scarf.  And there are so many different ways to tie them.

I love the gathered piece at the bottom.  This is a closer look at it.  I hope my niece loves her new scarf.  And you can't beat a $10 price tag.  I actually was able to get 2 scarves out of this fabric and still have roughly 1/3 yard left over.  I think I stretched that $20 fairly well.  lol

I'm at 13/14 gifts now for Christmas and have spent right at $200.  Two of my gifts were a bit more expensive.  The tote and crochet clutch were $40 because I chose an expensive fabric.  And the dresden tie quilt I'm working on is right at $50 because I chose an expensive fabric and batting.  I still have to get it quilted.

Happy Monday!!


  1. The scarf is so pretty and I think you are right, longer is better and gives more options. Robbie did a great job!

    1. Thank you Kim! I need to make some of these for myself. I love scarves.