Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Grim Reaper

This is the costume my mom made me for Halloween, The Grim Reaper. And yes the handsome model in this picture is me, the famous Robbie.  But my mom made all of this except for the stick.  The cardboard thing she made.  But i had to cut down a tree for the actual stick.


Okay, mom's turn.  Robbie designs his costumes every year for Halloween.  And mom is in charge of making them. :)  And it's a lot of fun especially when he is so involved in the process.  The one thing I totally forgot was his hands. :(  I told him to wear gloves, but dad nixed that idea since he would be the one keeping up with them tonight. lol

Once he decided what he wanted to be, we went online looking at all sorts of pictures so I could see how easy it would be to make.  I found a cape pattern here.  But I only wanted the hood.  Then I found a tute here on how to make the actual robe.  I opted not to use fleece, because it is so hot here in South Georgia. 

I found a cotton sheeting material at Joann's and bought 2 yards.  That was plenty to make this.  I cut out the hood, then had him lay down on the remaining fabric to trace the shape of the robe.  I followed the instructions for the robe just for that part.  I cut a hole in the top of the fabric where his head would go.  Then I made a slit about 6 inches down at the center front.  I lined the hood before attaching it to the robe.  I wanted extra fullness there. I had to gather the back of the robe to get the hood to fit properly.  That gave me extra fullness in the back which was perfect. 

He did not want me to paint his face, so I found a mesh material at Joann's and cut a big square.  I stitched it to the top of the hood all the way around to the top of his ears.  Then I just tucked the bottom into the robe. I know the face cover won't last all night, and I wanted him to be able to pull it up and out of the way to be comfortable.  I used a velcro closure in the front to keep it all in place.  I cut 2 slits up both sides of the robe about 10 inches up so he'd have plenty of room to run around.

Robbie literally went into the woods and cut down a small tree for his scythe.  I cut the blade out of cardboard and used a metallic paint to finish it.  Then I just drilled a hole in top of the stick and secured the blade with a small screw. 

This was by far the easiest costume I've made.  If you have any questions about how I did it, feel free to email me.

Robbie and Angela a.k.a. Robbie's mom :)


  1. Well, Robbie, I think the tree you cut down just MAKES the scythe! And the whole costume, really! Great job (to you both)!

    1. Why thank you Mrs. Jenny Jo. It was fun to do. Robbie

  2. Robbie, your costume is so cool! My grandkids would love to have one like that too!

    1. Thank you Mrs. Shirley. It was very easy to make (except for the tree) you should make them one!