Friday, November 22, 2013

New Look 6232

And it's definitely a "New Look!"

I made this with the help of a sew along tutorial from my sewing friend, Judy, on  What a huge help when you've not made something like a shirt.  It was really scary!!  I do kids clothes and maybe a skirt or two, home dec stuff.......but nothing so technical as a shirt!!  But Judy made this so easy for me.  I couldn't have done it without her.

That's my friend, Sarah, who agreed to be my test subject since it is really hard to fit myself without a dress form.  She was pretty easy to fit except for her bubble hiney!  And most people would kill for a hiney like that, but I digress.

The sewing went along quite well until I got to the sleeve plackets.  I sewed them to the front of the sleeves instead of the back. Grrrrrr........So Judy suggested I just chop them off and roll them up to the elbow or just make a short sleeve.  Sarah preferred the elbow length, so that's what we did.  We tell people that's the look we were going for.  Who would know any better, right? HA!

And the back.  No it isn't crooked!  It just needed to be pulled down on that left side, and I didn't catch it until just this second when I uploaded to my computer.  I wound up having to make slits in the side seams because Sarah likes to wear her shirts untucked.  We made it a little longer, so it pulled across that hiney just a smidge, and we didn't like that.  The slits took care of that problem pretty nicely.  She wanted a more fitted shirt to show off that hourglass figure.  So we had multiple fittings to get the fit she wanted.

I used a 100% linen fabric, and for my first shirt, I probably should have used a basic cotton.  Linen likes to move and stretch!  A lot of starch helped keep it tame.  All in all I loved the pattern, and I would definitely make it again.  I would love to see this done in silk.  Sarah has agreed to be my test subject again.  And she lives right next door!  How convenient is that??

I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner, but intermediate definitely. 

Happy Friday!!


  1. It looks fantastic, Angela! What a lot of hard work you put into it!

    1. Thanks Jenny Jo! It was a lot of ripping and restitching for sure! lol But well worth it.

  2. This turned out beautifully! I love the collar and I think you really worked a good solution for the sleeves - I love the length!

    1. Thank you Kim. I couldn't have done that collar without Judy's help. I learned a lot doing this top. lol