Thursday, December 19, 2013

First Choice Boxers for Girls?? Yes Ma'am!!

You know how much I love making boxers!!  Well, I decided to do some girly boxers using the same pattern I like for the boys.  These are for my dd.

Here is the first pair.

Don't you just love the lace??  The lace for that placket was a little tricky, but it was worth every bit of effort.  I will post a tutorial soon on how I made the adjustments.

Here is a closeup of the placket area.

I folded the hemline up rather than under to make a cuff so I could attach lace there too.

I also used lace on all the seams including the back.

I'm not sure I'll put the lace on the back seams again.  It kind of makes them look like panties.  NOT the look I was going for.

A couple of things to share:  First, girls (I'm told) like their boxers to sit lower.  In fact, they buy men's boxers and fold them down at the top to get them shorter.  So I took off a full inch from the top of the pattern, then turned the hem under a full 1 1/4" to form a casing for the elastic.  If you've made these before, you know the elastic is typically sewn to the inside of the boxers and visible.

Second, I lengthened the bottom by about 2" to accommodate the bottom cuff.

I think these really turned out cute!  I have already bought a silky black fabric and a red charmeuse to make 2 more pair.  I want to add some lace inserts to the black pair.  I hope they turn out like my vision!

Isn't it kind of cool to add a bit of heirloom sewing to otherwise plain old boxers?? 

Thanks for stopping by!  Please feel free to email or comment with questions.



  1. These are so nice and I love the lace (even on the back!). Good idea with the cuffs!!

    1. Thank you Kim. They were a lot of fun to make.