Monday, April 14, 2014

Linen Burlap Pillow Cases - Man Style!

I am slowly but surely finishing the bedroom linens for my DD's boyfriend.  I had some linen burlap fabric left over from the window treatments - just enough to do these pillow cases.  I didn't have enough for traditional shams but wanted something decorative for the bed.

I found the inspiration on Pinterest.  Here is the original link. 

I chose to use larger grommets and rope, and I'm happy with the result.  I didn't have a fluffy pillow for the insert, so I used a flat pillow instead.  I have the bottom rolled under to eliminate the fullness.  My grommets are even I promise! lol

I spaced the grommets evenly across the edge.  Because I was limited on fabric, I have only two seams - across the bottom and on one side.  I liked the selvage edge so left it in tact.  I just folded my square over and stitched up those two sides, serged the edges, and turned right side out.  Place the grommets and tie the cases shut with rope.  The grommets are placed on both sides of the case.

I had some trouble with the rope unraveling.  I tried burning the ends, fray checking them and gluing them.  None of those worked.

And I couldn't leave them unraveled.  So I used some jute twine and wrapped it around the ends and glued it down.

The glue you see on the ends was my attempt to glue them together first.  I'll remove that before they go home.  I had not finished the ends when I snapped the first pics, because I had to get approval first. :)

Let me know if you have questions.

Happy Monday,


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