Monday, June 9, 2014

Suede Leather Pillow with Piping

I made 2 of these for my dd's boyfriend.  She wanted a little more manly, so rather than do a 2" flange which is typical of me with Euro shams, she chose welting with the same material.  I'm very pleased with how they turned out.  I think we need just a tad larger pillow inserts though.

And I installed an invisible zipper at the bottom behind the welting.  This is how an invisible zipper should look - invisible!  It is a huge pet peeve to see these done when the zipper is not so invisible.  And people are charging for them!!

And a little closer shot although a little blury.

All that you see is the zipper pull, and that's how it's supposed to be.  That corner looks a little loose though but should pop out when we get a larger insert.

Incidentally, this is a great video tute on how exactly to install an invisible zipper with welting/piping.  The only thing I do differently is that I use a welting foot and let the zipper teeth ride inside along with the welting. 

If you have questions, please ask.  It took me a while and lots of practice to get to this stage.  I'm happy to share my experience to save someone else the trouble!

Happy Monday.


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