Saturday, July 5, 2014

Flanged Euro Sham with Zipper

Ever had anyone tell you that a zipper would not go into a flanged pillow sham?  Well they were wrong!!  Wrong I tell you!  I have tried numerous ways to get these blasted things into a pillow sham.  I looked everywhere on the net trying to find a tutorial on how to install one - properly!

I had forgotten that I had some similar pillow shams on my bed that were professionally done many years ago.  They aren't flanged, but I thought it would work anyway.  I got those puppies off my bed and took a very close look to see how it was done.  And that was my "aha" moment.  I couldn't believe I had made it so difficult in the past.  This was going to be a breeze.

This is one that I just finished.  This is for a client and measures 48x24 with a 2" flange.  It was so big, it wouldn't fit in my camera lens.  I chose to put the zip on the side so the pillow could be inserted easily from the end.

Are you ready for the zipper?  Here it is. It's not perfect, but I don't think the average person will be able to find the flaws. :)

And opened.

And guess what else?  I took pics along the way, and I'll have a tute for you on how to do this very soon. Yay!  I hope it helps you.  You'll never again curse, grumble, shout or throw tantrums when you want to put a zipper in a flanged pillow!  My way might not be the right way, but I promise it is easy peasy!!

Happy July 4th - a little late!


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