Monday, July 7, 2014

Bar Stool Slip Cover

 Turn an ordinary bar stool into something spectacular.  Not that mine is spectacular. lol

I have a client that will slip cover anything!  I'm surprised she hasn't asked me to slipcover her car! hahaha

I had some difficulty with this one, because the bottom of the legs were a good bit wider than the seat.  This was allowing the legs to show, and she wanted them hidden as much as possible.  We were limited in fabric, so I couldn't make an extra flap underneath.  I chose to overlap the skirts all the way around to pull them tighter up top while allowing them to hang normally at the bottom.  I also added drapery weights to the hems of the side skirts to keep them in place.

Here is the overlap.

It's about an inch.  This is how it looks if you pull the back skirt up.

Oh and another little tip.  Don't you hate when the slip covers slide forward when getting up from the chair?  Me too.  I recently took a slip cover course from Craftsy, and she recommends a flap underneath with velcro to hold it in place.  How genius is that??

That little flap is stitched to the seam allowance where the seat meets the gusset.  Very easy.  I just serged around all 4 edges.  The hook piece is hot glued to the wicker underneath.

And a couple of other views.  I did not press this slipcover, because my client is not going to press anything she owns.  I have to take that into consideration when making anything for her.  We have to analyze fabric all the time to see how it's going to look when washed and dried.  I wash and dry all the fabric to see how it will hold up before I ever make a stitch.

And here they are in their happy home.

Please feel free to ask questions.  I highly recommend the Craftsy class on making slipcovers.  However, you must need at least a basic understanding of how they are made, and it's really meant for the intermediate to advanced sewer.

Happy Monday.


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