Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kid's First Choice Boxers

This is my all time favorite boxer pattern for boys!  It is so easy, and I've done them so much, I rarely need the instructions now.

I made these for my BIL's grandson.  He is 3 I believe, so I made the size 4 but shortened the elastic just a bit so they wouldn't fall off. :)  I wanted to make a matching shirt, but I ran out of time.

These were made for one of Robbie's best friends.  He plays soccer, so when I saw this fabric from Joann's, I thought it would be perfect.  I make him a pair every year, because he loves them.  And that's why I sew!!

It really makes a difference when you know what you make is appreciated and loved!

Thanks for stopping by my part of the world.  I have 6 more gifts to go, and time's a wastin'.  Wish me luck and say some prayers!



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