Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hanging Cosmetic Bag from Craftsy - Review

I love the Craftsy platform.  They have online video classes for just about any project you want or need.  I've taken several and have loved them all.  I bought the "Sew Sturdy Travel Organizers" class by Annie Unrein because I wanted to make my daughter a hanging cosmetics bag similar to one I use.  This is the finished bag.

And the inside:

It has a mesh pocket at the top and two vinyl pockets right under. We used dark fabric to hide any stains.

And this large zippered pocket at the bottom.

And here a few shots with it full.  I packed it for her, so it would be ready to go for any future travel plans. BTW, TSA has some very specific requirements on liquid products you carry on board the plane.  I didn't know that until I started searching for travel sized bottles for shampoo, etc.  There is a small can of hairspray, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner from hotels, a small bottle of deodorant, a can of static cling, an extra toothpaste box, and several small empty containers for her to put lotions or shampoo or whatever else she may need.

In the top vinyl pocket are cotton squares and a travel size BandAid container.  In the second vinyl pocket are feminine hygiene products and the mesh pocket contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and a disposable razor.

And this is what it looks like closed when it's full.
As you can see, it doesn't fold as nicely as it does when empty.  That is one thing I don't like about the bag. There are two places inside the bag where facing is sewn to account for the "folding"  I think these facings need to be wider to accommodate the bag when filled.  I also think the zippered bottom pocket needs to be a smidge bigger.  Granted I have it packed to the gills, but most everything in it are things I personally have in my own bag.  Yes, it is big, but nothing ever spills out on my clothes - EVER.  I hate that!!

This bag has a shoulder strap drafted in the pattern, but my daughter didn't want that.  This bag will be tucked into an overnight bag, and that strap would just get in the way.  So I left it off.  It is large enough to carry all the essential toiletries and then some.

The best thing about this bag is that nothing will fall out!  Nothing!  Everything is contained by zippers.  And the handle is designed so that the bottom pocket is always facing up.  So no worrying about having lotion all over your clothes when you unpack your bag.  Did I mention that I hate that?!

I definitely recommend this class.  However, take a look at the other bag first.  I didn't want or need that bag and didn't realize it until I bought the class.  Luckily I bought it when it was on sale.  So it was still worth it. Also, know that this is an expensive bag to make.  Start early and shop for bargains.

The pattern calls for Annie's soft and stable, but it had to be ordered.  I didn't want to buy it and pay the high shipping cost.  I found someone online who made another bag calling for the soft and stable, and she used 1/4" sew foam.  I called my local upholstery store, and they had it for $10 a yard.  They also had a cheaper headliner version for $5.  I bought the more expensive stuff, but after having made one, the cheaper stuff would have worked too.  I still have enough left over for another bag, so a yard goes a long way.

One last thing.  I hand stitched all the binding on.  I knew I wasn't going to be happy with stitched on binding.  I'm glad I did it that way.  It just looks so much better.  It really didn't take a lot of extra time either.

Feel free to ask questions.  Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Thursday.


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