Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UGA Apron

This is another fun apron from Sew4Home.  My friend, Sandy Martin, at Quarterdeck Quilts in Springfield, GA helped coordinate the fabrics.  She really has a knack for that.  Something I lack. :)

I didn't have the right size ric rac on hand, so I used 1 1/4" at the bodice top and along the bottom.  The pockets are trimmed with 1/2".  I could not get that jumbo stuff around those curves. 

Speaking of the pockets, I love these.  They have an inverted pleat right down the center.

And I love the added ric rac between the upper and lower bodice.  I am in love with the UGA colors in this chevron.  I've used it on a few other projects too.

Here is the back.

I lengthened the waist ties by 5".  I don't think these can ever be too long, and I certainly don't like them too short.  I did not like the way they attached the bottom skirt to the waist ties.  They have you stitch around the whole tie section leaving an opening at the top for the bodice and an opening at the bottom for the skirt.  You turn it right side out and slide those pieces into the opening.  The bodice was no problem, because it's small.  But it was quite the challenge to get the band lined up perfectly on the skirt then stitch through and catch both sides.

I chose to make my opening larger on the bottom and treat it like bias tape.  I stitched one side (right sides together) then flipped it and stitched in the ditch to close the back.  That method worked much better for me.

As for the size, it's generous.  My waist is 27" on that form, and the skirt measures 30" wide.  There are also darts in the lower bodice for room for the "girls".  And it covers generously as well.

This is the last of teacher gifts.  Again, I'm not certain she wears aprons, but it would be fun to pull out on game days.  She is a huge UGA fan.  She is also a science teacher, so what fun to use it in class! 

I don't think she reads my blog; otherwise, I just let the proverbial cat out of the bag!

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