Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tie Top Window Panels

The lighting in this room was not good, so my apologies for the darker photos.  These are much prettier in person than in the photos.

This was a job for a client, and she was specific about the tie tops.  She found some crystal door knobs and screwed those into a small board, then mounted the board to the wall.  The ties were then tied around the knobs.

This was a cotton linen blend fabric that was so easy to work with.  The panels took no time to make.  In fact, the ties took twice as much time as the panels, since there are 10 of them.  This fabric was easy to square with pulling threads.  And it's time saving too, since the panels have to be shifted on the long end to be able to cut on my table.  They are 110" finished length.

She opted to leave them hanging rather than tie them in a bow.  But they could easily be if she changed her mind.

Thank you for stopping by.  I'm in the process now of making some fabric boxes which I'll post later this week.  Until then, happy Wednesday!!



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