Saturday, August 29, 2015

Apple Core Quilt Top

This is my finished apple core quilt top.  I used the 9 3/4" apple core template that I bought from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I also bought the 4" but haven't used it yet.  I thought the larger template would be easier to work with for my first curved quilt.  It was a breeze to use!  This one measured roughly 4x5.5 before I stitched it together.  It will make a great lap quilt I think.

This is the vintage fabric my MIL gave me a few months back.  Her favorite color is blue, so I picked out all the blues and whites.  I will leave the edges as is and bind it with another blue.

I still need work on my points. :(  I have a few that are off.

I will take it to the quilt shop for some help on that and on exactly what type of quilting it needs.  I haven't decided that yet.

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