Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vintage Fabrics

My mother-in-law gave me a trash bag full of vintage fabrics sometime last year.  I hadn't figured out what to do with them until now.  I thought they would make a beautiful lap quilt for said mother-in-law - the apple core variety.  I probably chose one of the hardest quilts to do with all those curves.

While rummaging around in the bag, I came across these two beauties.  This is a completed block.  Part of it had been hand stitched and part machine stitched.  The points aren't perfect, and I haven't quite decided if I will leave it as is and try to work it into my quilt or take it apart and square it up and try to work it into my quilt.  In fact, I don't know if I will be able to work it in at all.

This is my favorite piece in the entire bag of fabrics.  I so wish I had a larger piece of this.  My 9" apple core would be big enough to encompass one of the pictures, but I will lose others.  The pictures won't even come close on my 4" apple core.  I may just have to cut these apart and incorporate them some other way.  I just want to salvage as much as possible.  It's just precious to me.

I have to get this done before Christmas, and I've gotten a very late start this year.  I have 4 gifts completed, but my list is long and isn't even dented!  This is the biggest of all the gifts, so I need to get it started.  I dug out all the fabrics and just need to choose which I want to use in the quilt.  Her favorite color is blue, and I have lots of blue pieces including this one.  Say some prayers that I figure it out soon.

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