Friday, November 20, 2015

Bonnie Blue Kayla & CC Lillian

These are for my great-nieces for Christmas.  Both are a-line dresses but the Kayla buttons at the shoulders and the Lillian buttons down the back.  I used covered buttons in the same blue fabric as the ruffles and pocket binding.

I had some difficulty deciding what to do with the pockets and ultimately just went with a simple pleated pocket with piping and binding at the top.  Many thanks to Kathy Dykstra for the help with that.

The ruffles at the bottom were also a challenge, since this dress is lined.  And there is a technique to turning it right side out which made it problematic for the ruffle.  I ultimately just whipped the lining to the dress bottom at the ruffles.

The Lillian buttons down the back but I totally didn't get pictures!  So sorry.  I really wanted ruffles on the pockets, and I think these turned out okay.  I have another idea for that next time that I think will work much better.  I chose not to add the pleat to this one.  I was so over these dresses and wanted to get them finished, so I can get them shipped to Illinois.

I am happy to answer any questions.  Feel free to post comments below.

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