Tuesday, January 5, 2016

McCall's 4060 Ladies Shorts

I used this pattern quite a bit for Christmas this year.  I couldn't post this pair until after Christmas since they were for my DD and she reads my blog.  This is a really bright orange cotton fabric I found at Joann's and loved it.  I had the white dot fabric left over from another project as well as the ribbon.  I thought they all went quite well together.

As usual, I shortened the length considerably then added the ruffle to the legs.  If I recall correctly, I shortened by 4".  I also shortened the waist, since she likes to wear them lower on the hips.  These really sit high up on the waist.  I shortened by 3" at first then took off another 2.5" to add the top band.  Again, I'm going by memory, and that is dangerous. :)

I hope your Christmas and New Year's holidays were fantastic!

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