Friday, March 18, 2016

Lila's Easter Dress

I know these are a bit dark, but our we had rainy weather and I couldn't get this outside for a really good picture.

This is an Ellen McCarn Bishop dress with a Pat Garrison smocking plate.  I've used the dress pattern many times but this is a first on the smocking plate.  Both were very easy.

This dress was very long, so I added 4 growth tucks at the hem to be let out as little bit gets older/bigger/taller.

I am very out of practice on my picture smocking but hopefully we are going to rectify that little problem, since I have so many more ideas swirling around in my head. LOL

I also smocked some matching socks but totally forgot to get pics.  You can find a tutorial on that here.  They really are super simple to do and I suspect I'll be doing many more.  :)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to get some modeled pics on Easter to share with you.  Lila looks adorable in her Easter dress.  She'd look cute in anything!

Glad you stopped by.  Feel free to leave comments or questions below.

Enjoy the weekend!


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