Monday, August 8, 2016

Hem Tape Made Easy - A Tutorial

If you are like me, you have a really difficult time stitching hem tape correctly and straight.  These black pants needed hemming, and I was way too lazy to switch out the thread on my serger to get a nice finish on the raw edge.  I had hem tape, but I always had difficulty getting it lined up when stitching it to the raw edge.

Then a I had a light bulb moment!  Do you love wonder tape as much as I do??!!  Look it's 1/4" wide.  And my hem tape is 1/2".

So I had the bright idea (pun intended) to use it to line up my hem tape.  Be sure to press in your hem before you start!  I placed the wonder tape directly on the raw edge of my pant leg.

Then peeled off the paper and overlapped the edge just a smidge.

Next line up the hem tape at the inside edge of the wonder tape so the hem tape hangs off the raw edge by 1/4".  Ingenious, right??!!

When you get back around to the start, place a tiny piece of wonder tape on the start of the hem tape like so.

Fold over the top piece of hem tape and stick it right down on that piece of wonder tape.  I know it sounds confusing with all the talk about tape.  Just look at the photos.

This is what it looks like from the wrong side.

Now take the whole thing to your sewing machine and stitch on that inside edge to attach the hem tape to the pant leg.  I used a stretch stitch since these were knit pants.  I really prefer some sort of zig zag stitch but a straight stitch would work too.  Be sure to stitch down that folded edge of hem tape.

Now fold over your pressed hem and pin it closed.

And hand stitch closed or use a machine if you prefer.  I like the look of hand stitched hems.

Now stand back and marvel at the clean look of your perfectly attached hem tape and newly hemmed pants.

I hope this little trick allows you to try hem tape and not be afraid!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to ask questions if I failed to make anything clear.


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