Monday, September 3, 2012

Custom Gym Bag

And the inside:

I put two pockets on the outside for a water bottle and keys/cell phone and a zipper pocket inside along with another open pocket.

It's just a simple box with handles and pockets.  Very simple to make.  It took a few attempts to get the right size.  I used my sneakers as a model.  I just put them on paper and traced my first square around them.  Then I made the sides to match.

This is for Britt for her birthday.  Happy Birthday baby girl!  She reads my blog, but she already knew about it.  I had to get some input in the beginning.  :)



  1. Hi Angela :) I love this bag - and your method for getting a custom size! Gorgeous fabric, the outside fabric is really beautiful.

  2. Thank you Kim! The main fabric is duck cloth from Hobby Lobby. I loved it immediately. And polka dots are one of my all time faves!!