Thursday, September 27, 2012

McCalls 3145 One Hour Wrap Skirt

I made this skirt this past summer but totally forgot to post it.  I really am not mad in this picture!!  Robbie was taking the photo, and I was concentrating on telling him what to do with the camera! LOL

This is a vintage McCalls pattern that I picked up earlier in the summer.  I have a really hard time finding age appropriate clothing in my size.  So I decided I would make my own clothes.  Let me just say it is not easy fitting oneself for clothing.  I wound up taking this one and another skirt I made (pics later) to a woman (Sue) who does all of my alterations and asked her to help me.

I am really getting the hang of knowing which size to cut out.  I try going by measurements, but that doesn't always work.  This pattern started out at a size 12 I believe based on the measurements. Doesn't that just irk you??  Why can't they make patterns the right size based on measurements??  This skirt literally fell to the floor when I put it on.  So I took it apart and used the next size down, then tweaked from there.  I finally got it just like I wanted it with a little help from Sue. Normally I would have made a muslin, but this fabric was a steal at $4 a yard.  So I have an $8 skirt!!  I love that kind of bargain.  And yes, I'll definitely make another one next summer.  I'm tossing around the idea of making one for this winter in tweed.  Not sure how that would hang though.

I have also made a pair of vintage wide legged pants but haven't found the right shoes yet.  When I have, I'll post pictures of those too.

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