Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY allergy mask

I know this is funny, but do you know how hard it is to find allergy masks that don't break the bank??!!  I decided I would just make one.  I thought about what the masks look like that doctors/nurses wear, and I just kept that in mind when designing and stitching up this mask.

I am terribly allergic to burlap!!  I didn't realize it until I made Robbie's Halloween costume 2 years ago.  I am making table cloths for a friend made of, yep you guessed it, burlap!  Ugh!!  But I love burlap, and I absolutely love the organic look and feel.  I would even make some for myself, but I can't even have the fabric near me.

This mask was super easy, but I'm sure it's not the only DIY mask out there.  Honestly I didn't look really hard to find one.  I wanted something that wouldn't fit really snug across my face.  I mean I have to breathe, right?!  I used 2 pieces of cotton fabric.  The focus fabric is an Amy Butler pattern left over from Britt's Weekender Bag.  The elastic is 3/8" soft underwear elastic.  I really needed 1/4", but this will do.  I measured across my face (across the nose) from just about 1" in from each ear and from the bridge of my nose down to just under my chin.  I added 1" to the width and 3" to the length.  I made 3 small horizontal tucks/pleats in the fabric (both lining and focus) to give me extra room around the nose and mouth.

I stitched the two pieces right sides together leaving an opening for turning and leaving openings at the edges for the casing.  Turn right side out.  Stitch the other line for the casing and run the elastic through.  And you have a mask.

I can't say that this is medical grade, but it keeps those burlap fly away pieces away from my mouth and nose making sewing with it a breeze.  It's washable and very comfy. 

Incidentally, I did find out later that you can buy masks at Home Depot.  Didn't think to check there. Duh!  But guess what?  This was from stash, so it is free!!  Who doesn't like free??

Happy Wednesday!


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