Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY Guitar Strap (Tutorial)

Robbie got a guitar recently and is taking lessons.  He is very good according to his instructor.  We think he's pretty good too, but we are a bit biased. :)

Anyway, he wanted a strap for his guitar, and you all know that he is the first to ask me to make him something.  So he asked for a strap.  I had this skull fabric left over from some boxers I made him, so it was the chosen fabric.  Please read through the entire tutorial before you make any cuts.  This was a "snap pics as you go" kind of thing.  I made some changes as I went.

The first thing I did was decide how wide I needed the strap.  I used several belts I had to use for comparison.  I just put the belts over his shoulder to gauge very roughly.  I decided 2" was plenty.

What you'll need:
1 piece of fabric 5" x 45" (or whatever your measurements are)
1 piece of batting 4" x 44" (make this 1/2" less all around)
1 piece of Pellon SF101 fusible lining 5" x 45" (or the size of your fabric strip)
1 piece of twine roughly 1/4" in diameter(use what will go around the neck of the guitar)
1/4" Double sided wash away wonder tape (optional)

I cut my fabric 5" wide by the width of the fabric.  In this case, 45".  I used Pellon SF101 to stabilize the fabric.  I cut a piece of batting (warm and natural) the same width.  Here it is all put together.  I fused the Pellon to the fabric then used an adhesive spray to keep the batting in place.  Sorry I forgot to take pictures of them all separated.

The one thing I did, and you'll notice in later pics is I cut back the batting by 1/2" on the edges.  Once I got to this next part, I realized it was way too thick.  So use the measurements above for your sizing.  I changed mine after the above picture was taken.

Fold in 1/2" on each of the long sides and iron really well.

On one side, place the wash away wonder tape.  And peel off the backing.

Fold the strip in half and press down with your fingers on the edges to seal the wonder tape.  Iron really well.  This just helps keep everything in place until you stitch it down.  You could simply press the strip in half and pin if you prefer.

Stitch very close to the edge leaving 1/2" open on both short edges.

Fold in both short edges 1/2" and stitch.

Next mark 1" in from the edge and centered on the strap.
Make a button hole on both short edges 1" in from that edge/dot.

Button one end to the bottom of the guitar.

Determine the length of your twine based on where you want the guitar to fall.  Wrap the twine around the neck of the guitar two times, then thread it through the other button hole.  Tie it off, and you are done!

And there you have it!  A custom guitar strap for you little one's guitar.  It's light so it doesn't add extra weight.  It's padded to make it comfortable.  And your little guy/girl doesn't have to struggle to keep it on his/her lap to play.

I hope this helps someone else.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Great tutorial Angela! Such a nice result - I made some camera strap covers and it is amazing how much more comfortable they are with the padding! I would love to try this - was it hard to make the buttonhole through your pellon/batting? Also, I love the fabric but I really love the fabric you have on your ironing board - so pretty :)

  2. Thanks Kim. I remember the camera straps. Yes, they are so much nicer with the padding. It was not hard at all making the buttonhole. I had to nudge the fabric a bit because it was a little thicker. I also used a larger needle. I normally use a tear-a-way stabilizer behind my buttonholes, but because the fabric was so thick, I didn't need it. I found the floral fabric at Hancocks.


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