Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dog Ears or No Dog Ears??

I never thought this question needed asking!!  Who would ever want dog eared pillows??  Apparently, things have changed in the world on this issue.

If you aren't familiar with the difference, here you go.  I didn't have my own picture, so I borrowed this one from Newton Custom Interiors.

You can find the picture at this website.

I have recently begun taking on clients for pay and have made quite a few pillows of late.  I have always made the dog ear adjustment.  Basically you cut off 1/2" at each corner tapering to the middle of each side. You can Google dog ear adjustment and find plenty of tutorials.

I bring this up, because I had to redo 4 pillows last week for a customer who actually wanted the dog ears!  I was frustrated.  One, because I was taught to make the adjustment, so not doing it goes against every fiber of my being.  Two, people will see my work and think I totally lack experience to make custom pillows or question my ability as a seamstress.  Because I have actually been hired by a local fabric store to make these for their customers, I have to make them the way they want.  And from what they tell me, everyone wants the dog ears.  Really??  My fear is I will have to redo the pillows for those who don't want the dog ears.

I would be really upset if I were paying the going rate for custom pillows, get them home and realize they have dog ears.  I seriously would return them, custom or not.  All my sewing friends say the same thing.  All of my favorite designers all make the adjustment.

Are we crazy?  Are we behind the times?  What's up with that?

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by my little part of the world.


  1. Angela - That is so surprising! I always make the dog-ear adjustment too. I think the pillow looks so much nicer with the rounded corners.

    1. Thank you Kim. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Everyone I ask says the same thing. I am equally surprised!