Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mad Scientist Apron Tutorial

This is my inspiration for Robbie's Halloween Costume this year.  He wants to be a mad scientist.  Here is my version.  Think I will shorten the apron just a bit.  I will have modeled pictures tomorrow, but I wanted to give you the tute now.  I didn't include the coat, because there are a ton of tutes online on how to do that.  In a nutshell, I removed the collar, removed the sleeves and cut off roughly 2" from the shoulder seam, reattached the sleeves, added a 5" piece on the shirt band front and removed some sleeve length then added grommets to that extension, and cut off about 2" from the hem to shorten.  The shirt still buttons like it did before.  There is just a band hiding the buttons now.  I used Velcro to keep that extension in place. Grommets are just for show.  I'm happy to answer any questions on this, but again there are many tutes online.

I didn't have time to get the rings and rivets, so I just made do.

I found a really nice leather like fabric at Joann's and bought a yard for $4.00.  I used less than 1/2 yard.  So call it $2.  The Syringe was free.  My pharmacist gave it to me.  The test tubes I bought at a local educational shop for $1.20.  I also got some free from my doctor but got them after I bought mine.  The shirt was purchased from Goodwill for $4.  And the grommets which I'll use later were $4.  So for about $10, I have a Halloween costume.

First thing to do is determine the length and width of the apron.  I cut mine 13 by 20.  I knew I could shorten if it was too long, and it was.

I also cut a strip for the strap for the neck and waist and a strip to hold the syringe and test tubes.  I rough cut these.

I first hemmed the sides.  NOTE: Doubled sided sticky tape helped to keep the hem down long enough to stitch.

Then I folded over a generous 2" hem at the top.

Next I needed to decide where I wanted my "stuff".  I measured down about 9" and drew my line for my placement.

I grabbed my test tubes and lined them up with the bottom of that line.  I also placed my syringe.  I needed to also determine how wide to cut my strips.

Again, these are just rough cuts and no real logic on how wide.  I just eyeballed it.  I think they wound up being 6" x 7".  This piece has already been folded.

I folded the strip in half wrong sides together and stitched down both long sides.  So now my strip is 7"x 3".

 I lined up one test tube, placed my completed strip on top to decide where my stitch lines would be.  I opted to stitch right on top of my hem line of the apron.

 Shown here.

 Next, lay the strip over the test tube once more and mark the second stitch line.

Now stitch that line, and lay in your next test tube, mark and continue for all three.

Trim off the excess.

Do the same with the syringe.  I put mine a bit higher, but put it wherever you want.

I made an extra flat loop for his flashlight. And that part is finished.

Then I made the neck and waist strap.  Take the long strip now (that I cut about 4" wide), and fold it in half.  Stitch down both sides.
Next I measured where I wanted the neck strap.  I used chalk to mark the placement, then stitched them to the apron.  Since I cut my original strip the width (45") of the fabric, I had plenty for the neck and waist strap.  If you need further explanation here, just email me.  I stitched them on in a square pattern.  You could do the whole X thing, but it isn't that heavy, so I didn't feel it was necessary.

I used the rest of the strap for the waist.  I stitched it to one side right at his waistline (I measured).  I stitched along the side hemline.

I decided to use Velcro for the other side for ease of getting on/off.  I measured it again and chalked where it needed to be.

 I attached the loop side (soft) to the strap and the hook side (rough) to the apron.  I stitched around all 4 sides of both.
 I made sure to measure down the same distance for this side as the other.  In my case it was about 7" from the top of the apron.

Here it is attached.

The last thing to do is hem.  I really needed mine shorter and will probably go back and adjust.  And that's it.

You now have a super cool mad scientist apron.  Have fun filling it with all sorts of evil items. :)  Thinking we might put some oozie stuff in the test tubes. LOL

I hope this helps someone!

Happy Thursday.

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