Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Triangle Valances

These are not the best pictures.  This room is being renovated, and the lighting has not been completed. There were several windows, but it still just wasn't enough lighting.

I found an old Window Treatments book when cleaning out a drawer, and the instructions for this valance were in the book.  My client loved them and wanted them in this rental unit.

Here is another view.

These will be tacked on the sides of the casing to give them a more tailored look.  I had velcro but it just wasn't working.  We'll go back and tack it.

This is the little kitchen from the living space.

Since these went into a rental unit, cost was an issue.  Otherwise, I would absolutely recommend using a stabilizer of some sort when working with linen or any light weight fabric.  When stitching the triangles, you'll be stitching on the bias.  And since these are lined, it was a double whammy.  The fabric will stretch if not careful in your stitching.  The stabilizer would nip that problem.  You can see in the second pic, that left triangle is a bit off.  This was a linen from Hobby Lobby, and it didn't behave well at all.

I'm pretty certain I said a number of ugly words while making these.  There are also panels that will go along french doors in the living area.  Those haven't been hung yet, but I'll get pics of those when we do.  I also hope to have pics of the finished room.  The view is fantastic from this room too.

To determine the width of your triangles, first determine how many you want.  We went with 4.  Measure the finished width and divide by the number of triangles.  In our case, these windows were 44" wide casing to casing, and I divided by 4.  So I spaced the points 11" apart.  You will also want to add width if you choose a utility rod that curves into the wall.  I didn't do that, and we were a bit short.  But, we originally were going to use cafe rods, so I didn't need the extra width.

Feel free to ask questions.  These weren't difficult.  I totally recommend using a template.  It was a life saver!!

Happy Wednesday!


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