Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dress Form Continued

I've been working on this form off and on (more off than on) for a couple of weeks.

If you'll remember in the first installment, I suggested knowing certain measurements including the bust curve.  This is why that's so important.

This was my first padding attempt for the bust line.  My bust curve, that is from my apex down to my under bust, is 3.5".  When I remeasured this on the dress form after padding, the bust curve was 4.5".  Everything else was accurate, apex to apex, apex to side seam and shoulder to apex.  That meant I had overpadded the bra.

I removed the padding and started over.  She is outside almost "nekked" because the lighting was better.  I have no idea what my neighbors were thinking!!  I'm sure to get a letter from the HOA. Oops!

Anyway, now everything is dead on except for my full bust measurement.  That tells me that I need more in the back, not in the busts.  I have a wider back from doing pull ups in the gym, so once I pad that out, the new full bust measurement will be accurate.

So this means you can't just put your bra on the form and start padding out without knowing these measurements.  It won't give you an accurate representation, and we want this as accurate as possible.

I am working on my cover now.  I have carved out the sway back on the form, and I was left with a Jessica Rabbit butt. LOL  I know my hiney falls much lower in reality than on the form, so I'll be tackling that next.

Once I get that fixed, I'll begin padding out for the hiney, hips and the upper back where I need a little width/fullness. I have more an athletic build, but I do have a little more hip than Jessica is showing right now. Ha!  

I want to contour the hiney more underneath, so when I'm making pants, it'll be easier for me to fit - I hope. For that reason, I opted for a separating zipper, which I'll show in future posts.

I am posting as I go on this journey, so please feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions.  I know my friends are sick of hearing about this dress form, but they have been so gracious with their time and help, and for that, I am sincerely grateful!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love how methodically you're approaching these measurements! Jessica definitely is much improved already, since she's lost that Madonna shape! ;)