Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Blue Tatting for Baby!

I've been working on this a little here and a little there - mostly in carpool waiting to pick up the munchkins.  This is a much, much smaller thread than the last one I used.  This is #80 using a #8 fine needle, while the first round was a #10 thread using a #5 needle.  This piece is roughly 18" long and used right at 13 yards of thread.  That's a lot of thread!

Here is the difference in sizes:
Even with my glasses it's hard to see the eye on that top needle.  In fact, it's hard to count the stitches they are so small.  I think I need one of those Jewelers glasses.

I didn't have the lighting to get a close up of the eye of the needle; however, I did manage to get a close up of the tatting.  The fist pic looks much better than the close up.  You can't see as many of the flaws. lol

I think the hardest part of tatting is getting the size of the picots, the rings and the tails consistent.  I guess that just comes with practice, since this one is far better than the last.  And the last one was head and shoulders above the previous ones.  It is also very tricky working with 5 yards of thread in needle tatting.  It tends to get bunched up and knotted if you don't pull it through really slowly.  I noticed I have one of those rings that looks like it's flipped.  I think that happened when I got the thread all knotted and had to stop and pick it out.  I don't think it will be that noticeable once I get it on the gown.

I picked up some white fabric yesterday for a baby day gown, and this tatting will be the trim for the collar and down either side of the front placket.  I'm using an Old Fashioned Baby pattern.  Jeannie Baumeister is teaching a class this weekend not far from me at Farmhouse Fabrics, and I would love, love, love to go.  But it's Robbie's birthday.  I wouldn't miss that for the world.  I'll just have to wait and see Jeannie another time.  She'll be in Atlanta in October, and I definitely plan to make it.

I also found a woman here in Savannah that used to have a shop and taught tatting.  The shop has since closed, but she does sew-ins at her home and would definitely be able to help me.  Yay!  I know the basics, but sometimes it takes someone with experience to give those extra little tips you can't get otherwise.  I'm excited to meet her.

It'll be a little while though.  I simply must get some of my projects completed.  I keep adding to my list, and it has piled up again.  I just get so excited when I see fabric and threads.  I can't resist getting them.  If I can get my 2 quilts finished and my hutch, I'll be happy.  Those are by biggest time consuming items.  The other stuff is much smaller and I work on it when I can't work on the big things.



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