Monday, February 6, 2012


So on a previous post, I told you I had an idea for the backboard part of the hutch I was building for my newly acquired dresser for my sewing room.  So I thought I'd post some pictures of current progress.

 Like a dummy, I bought the wrong grade of plywood, so unless I wanted to use an entire tub of filler, I had to do something different.  I decided to go with paintable wallpaper.  I first tried just to wet the paper and apply it to the backboard, but it didn't stick very well.  That's my little inspector Gabby.  The right side moved on me as it was drying, so I decided to pull it off and redo it, but this time I used Mod Podge to make sure it stuck and didn't move.

Then after allowing it to dry overnight, I used an X-acto knife to trim the edges.  Then I put on a coat of primer and painted it.  That's my little friend, Emma.  She loves to paint.  She really loves anything crafty, so I always love it when she comes over to help me with my projects.

Here is a close up of the painted paper.

And this is what it looks like assembled atop the dresser.

The sunlight was really reflecting in this picture.

And another picture with the drawers in.

That's my dowel rod laying on top.  It's going right up top to hold my ribbons.  I will have a shelf directly below it and possibly another shelf below that.  I'll know once I get the dowel installed.  I have to go get another drill bit, since mine wasn't large enough to drill the hole for the dowel.  I decided to use blocks of wood on either side.  One block will be just a simple round hole while the other is notched out allowing me to take it on and off.   I looked and looked for brackets, but all of them were shower curtain size and too big.  I also have to get a pocket jig to attach the hutch to the base.  Then I'll probably repaint it.

I absolutely hate the color!  I sooooo wish I had gone with flat black.  I will never, never, never make that mistake again.  I may try to distress it first with some sand paper, and if that doesn't work, I'll just sand it completely and repaint with a flat black.  I have a couple of other simple ideas to make this piece super functional in my sewing room, but I'll update once I have those in place.  I have one more little thing to build to go inside one, maybe two, of the drawers to maximize the space.  I'm not sure if it will work yet, so more on that later.  Right now, I've decided to let it sit so I can regroup after the painting fiasco.  I'm disappointed, so I need a break.  My friend, Donna, suggested I use magnetic paint for that back wall, which would have been a great idea if I hadn't already had a plan.  But for anyone else interested........

I'm also working on two quilts, one for Robbie's room and another surprise one.  I almost have the top for Robbie's finished.  I have the squares cut for the other.  I will also be building a new bookshelf for Robbie's room, since he has so many books and doesn't want to part with them.  Yay, right??  I have also been working on my tatting.  I bought a smaller needle and much smaller thread, and it is much, much harder to work with.  But it is turning out so pretty.  I'm excited to be able to attach it to a collar on my next day gown.  I have a new pattern for a baby bib, blanket and bonnet that I want to try too.  Emma is coming today to help with a few more baby burp cloths.  I've bought two other dress patterns from Pintucks and Petticoats that I want to try and haven't gotten around too yet.  I also finished Britt's bench and recovered two of her chairs which I'll post on tomorrow. 

I'll also have a few sneak peaks of the quilts sometime this week and my tatting progress.



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