Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 This is Robbie's quilt above.  He designed it himself with only a little help from mom.  The next step is adding a very wide black section on either side of the stripes.  I tried desperately to change his mind, because I was thinking ahead to quilting it.  Like "exactly how am I going to quilt that???"   But he wasn't budging!  We will put a rather large "G" right in the center probably rag style.  We'll also add some bulldawg head appliques in there somewhere.  Once I get the G on it, he'll tell me.
 This is a quilt I'm doing for someone who gave me a gift card a few weeks ago for doing them a favor.  The gift was entirely too much, so I thought I'd make them a quilt with the money.  Hopefully, I'll stop this gift card nonsense.
 This is a close-up of the UGA quilt top.
And one of the other.  Aren't these colors bright and cheerful.  I've cut the 6.5" squares already.  I have 48 of them.  I've also cut the orange sash that will border them.  Then the other material will border the orange.  Once I have all of that put together, I'll take the quilt top to the fabric store to choose my binding.  I'm leaning toward that lime green in the swirly fabric.  Or maybe that pretty blue.  I'll decide at the fabric store when I can see all the colors together.  And of course, I have to choose the backing.  I think the swirly would be really pretty.  It kind of resembles seaweed.



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