Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Well last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at Robbie's school.  I, however, was teaching a sewing class at the school and totally forgot!!  Normally I keep little home made items in my closet just for such a predicament.  But that didn't work, because I had already given his teacher one of my make-up bags for Christmas, and that was the only thing left in my stash.  So I was thinking that it would be a great idea to put together a list of gift ideas for future reference.  These can all be made a head of time and kept in a drawer somewhere.  That way when something comes up, you'll have a stash from which to pull.  Here are 10 great ideas:

Idea #1:  Make-up bag

You can find a number of tutorials online via Tipnut or Pinterest.

Idea #2: Jewelry Pouch


Idea #3:  Scarf

Idea #4 : Tote Bag

Idea #5: Laptop Case

This could also be modified for a kindle or iPad.

Idea #6: Pot Holders and Kitchen Towels

Idea #7: Curling/Flat Iron Cover

Idea #8: Bed-warmer

Sorry no picture!!  I thought I had one and for some reason Blogger doesn't like me copying directly from the website and linking the picture.
Click here for the tutorial. 

Idea #9: Monogrammed Pillow

Idea #10: Fabric Flowers

And there you have it!  10 great gift ideas for teachers are anyone special in you life.  I'll be working on belated gifts this week.  More to come.



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