Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bench is Finished!

So you remember this bench from previous posts.  Well, I had a difficult time finding foam for my cushion.  Who knew that would be so hard?!  Joanne's had it, but it came in a big piece, and it was really expensive.  Then I started looking around at upholstery places and custom car shops.  They were less expensive, but they only had big sheets of foam, which I didn't need.  So my friend, Cheryl, came to the rescue.  She found a twin size foam mattress pad at the dollar store for $6.  I had enough to make 5 layers in the bench to give it plenty of stability but still remain soft.  I'm uber excited, and Britt will be too.  She'll be able to take it back to Athens on her next trip home!

I think she will like it.  If I had a place for it, I'd keep it! lol  This was very easy to make, so I could definitely replicate it if needed.  I'm actually thinking that since I need extra space around my table at the holidays, this could sit right under my bay window and give me that added space.


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