Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sneak Peak!

 This is the wood.  I have drilled my holes and filled any imperfections with wood filler and sanded.  Robbie helped.  We had a blast.  I have also marked my sides where they'll be cut with a jigsaw.  I should have that done later today.  Those are my back steps and happened to be the perfect height for my little project.  I don't have a work table, so the steps had to do.

Once I cut the legs, I can attach them to the top.  Then I'll attach a support piece in the middle.  Then a little paint for the legs and support.  But I can't decide on the color.

Here is the fabric.  The floral will be the bench cover just on the top, and the stripe is the coordinating fabric for the other chairs.  All will be at the kitchen table.

So what's your vote?  Keep it neutral?  Or go with bold?  I think the yellow would be a good color and that's the one I'm leaning toward.  I like the coral too.  I even tossed around black, but I think I like color for this one.  The yellow would make a nice distressed color.  All the other colors in the house are pretty neutral, but it's college.  All their furniture pieces are hodgepodge anyway.  We'll add window treatments and pillows with coordinating fabrics later for cohesion.  The table is is rustic with a mahogany top and distressed ivory legs.  So a distressed look on the bench wouldn't be out of the question.

So let's have your vote.  Which color?

Now that I've begun this project, I have a hankering for a circular saw, a table saw, a work table, a jigsaw of my own, a Kregg jig and all sorts of other tools.  Lowes will be my new favorite place to shop.  haha  Won't my dh be excited!?! lol   And they have much more expensive stuff than Joanne's or Hancock's!



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