Friday, January 6, 2012

Ding. Ding. Ding. And the winner of round 3 is.........

The one on top is the one I posted yesterday.  The one on the bottom is the newest one.  I was adamant I was not going to let this get the best of me.  I sent an email to Barbara Foster at Handy Hands Wednesday, and she was so gracious to call me yesterday.  Once she looked at the pictures I'd sent and walked me through the process, I knew what I was doing wrong and made the corrections.  You know you are good when you can coach someone over the phone and get these results!!  Thanks so much to Barbara. Amazing.  When I was researching tatting I came across her website.  I sent her an email asking for suggestions on how to start, and she told me just what I needed.  I ordered my supplies and began this daunting process.  I'm still no expert, but I am very happy with my latest results.

The one just above is the one I did Wed. and the one above it is the one from yesterday.  Again, not perfect but much improved.  The long one is a pillow edging which I will use once I decide on the pillow case color, and the double one is a towel edging.  I haven't chosen that color either.  It calls for weaving a ribbon through the middle.  It looks really pretty.

Anyway, that's my tatting story for today, and I'm still alive which is always a good thing.  I won this round.  Yay for me.



  1. Great job! That is going to be the most elegant trim for a pillow case or a towel. Do you tat with cotton thread?

  2. Thanks Kim. Yes this one I'm using is Egyptian cotton. I also have some DMC #80 thread on order that's much smaller. I believe I can also use #8 DMC floss. I'm certainly going to try.