Monday, January 2, 2012

Circle Tutorial?

Weird title? I thought so too, and I may be way behind the 8 ball on this.  I discovered a way to make cutting circles easier, especially jumbo ones for which there really is no template.  I always make templates out of tissue paper for all my patterns.  I always fold these in half, then in half again, and yet in half again.  Then I simply stuff them down into my original patter for future use.

I was making a new jewelry pouch for Britt, since she had outgrown the one she had.  She needed a much larger one.  The circle templates I had were entirely too small.  In the past, I would just use something circular to make a new template, but I had nothing that large.  While I was looking at my old templates, an idea hit me.

Start with a circle template you already have.  If you don't have one, make one from something circular.  Plates work well.  Fold the circle in half then in half again.

Now take a piece of tissue paper and fold it in horizontally  half matching the edges. I left my edge at the top uneven just to show you the fold.

Now fold it in half vertically matching the edges.  Make sure this edge is very even.

Now take your original circle template and fold it in half:

And then again in half as shown:

Now place the folded circle in the corner of your folded tissue matching the corner and both edges.  Pin in place.

Now use a protractor to draw your larger circle.  You can also use a tape measure and mark all the way around the outside edge of the circle.  I've done it both ways, and the protractor if far easier.  Make certain you put the pointy side of the protractor right on the corner.  Make your new circle.

I've drawn it in with a dark marker so you could see it better.  The pencil wasn't clear in the pics.

 Now cut it out and you have your new larger circle.  You can use this same method to cut your fabric too.

Simply fold your material the exact same way (in half then in half again), and place your new circle pattern on the folded section as shown.  Match up your points and folded edges.

 This is a picture showing one of the folded sides.
 Pin the pattern to your fabric to keep it in place.
Notice that I only folded one small section of my fabric.  If you fold the entire piece, you'll have a big hole right in the center of your fabric and waste too much.

This is a picture of the finished circle.

And hear are all 3 circles (different sizes) for Britt's jewelry pouch.

And finally the finished product.


And outside:


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