Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Learning to tat isn't as easy as I thought it would be!!

This is what I have completed thus far.  I'm learning from Barbara Foster's book Learn Needle Tatting Step by Step.  I'm usually more of a visual, hands-on learner and don't grasp written instructions as well.  I think if I had someone actually show me how this is done, I'd pick it up much, much easier.  I have a couple of small mistakes in these pictured, but to the untrained eye, you'd probably not notice.  I'm working on the basics, because I want to use this type of tatting for baby blankets and baby daygowns.  The double one in the middle of the pic is used on the bottom of towels which has a ribbon right through the center.  It's very cute.  I'll be trying that soon.  Right now, I'm working on a simple ring strand for a pillow case edging.  If I can get that down, I'll use that same technique with a smaller needle and thread.  Then I think I'll try my hand and tatting lace.  I think it's different, but since no one around this small town knows anything about tatting, who knows?!  I'd also like to learn to tat with beads.  I've seen wonderful tatted earrings made with beads that are just precious.  One thing at a time though.



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