Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's in the Bag!!

I finished Angie's tote bag yesterday.  Once I finished the embroidery, I put it together in a snap.  Very simple.  I think the idea of the zinnias popping out of the pockets turned out really cute.  Kinda looks like they are waving saying "look at me!"  I absolutely love the woven picot stitch I used for the petals.  It is one of my new favorite stitches.  It just makes the flower look 3 dimensional.  I started with a satin stitch in the middle with french knots.  I did not like how the french knots separated the satin stitch, so I pulled those out and decided on french knots for the whole thing.  I thought about using this stitch, but I was trying to get this done since it was really a Christmas gift.  I was already so far behind.  Ya think??  So, I took the easy road.  But I'll try this stitch on another project.

I wasn't as happy with my fabric choice once I got it completed.  It's not horrid, but I could have done better.  I was trying to keep the zinnias in the color you would see them in nature, so I chose fabric in those colors.  And they were really cute when I first put them together in the store.  All in all though I would definitely make this one again.  I'll just use different fabric.  I'm already thinking a green fabric with a daisy pattern would look too cute.  Remember the daisy I used on Gracyn's bag?

I will be completing a few other projects this weekend, so I hope to have some of those posted early next week.


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