Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not so little make-up bag.

This not so little make-up bag might actually work better as a toiletry bag.  It's huge.  That's my sink right beside it, and that little area really isn't that little.  This bag just makes it look that way.  I had some leftover piping and fabric from Britt's Amy Butler bag that I made for Christmas.  She needed a bigger make-up bag, and boy did she get one.

That's my full size blow dryer just to give you an idea of just how big this thing is!  And see my make-up brushes there in the background?

This is a Bernina pattern that I found, and it was really simple to make.  I had a little trouble with the pattern, since it didn't come with one.  It simply gave instructions for making the shape.  Mine was a little big around the top, so I had to "work" it in at the bottom.  It zips from one end to the other which is very nice.  It's a little thinner than I would have liked, and I believe it needs some sort of stabilizer in the bottom of the bag.  It just flops over when empty, and I can't imagine what it will do when full.  I may try to weight it down.  I'll let Britt try it first and see what she thinks.

So one more project completed and several more on my list.  My list has gotten much shorter since Christmas.  But that's been on purpose, since I'm also working on my sewing room.  I'm refinishing a small 3 drawer dresser that I found over the weekend.  I'm going to Lowes today for the wood to build the hutch that will sit on top along with the paint.  If the rains holds out, I should have it finished this weekend.  Of course, Robbie is asking me daily when I'm going to start his UGA quilt.  So I'll have to at least get it cut to appease him for a little while.


  1. That is a big make-up bag! I like the size, it would be nice for traveling, especially since it zips all the way open. Beautiful fabric too.
    How exciting about your sewing room! I hope you will post pictures of the dresser.

  2. Thanks Kim. I will definitely post some pics. I'm taking them as I go to show before and after.